Over three years ago I suffered a brain tumour that cause me to have memory problems as well as losing complete eyesight in my left eye and Significant losses in my eye. After a year and a half of treatment eventually got the all clear from my brain tumour. For all the local charities that are out there that helped me through this time I don't think it was possible for me to recover and get on with my life as well as I did. So after then I had to take a complete new career change as I couldn't do the things are used to do. So one of the things I do now is helping to raise money for charity because these charities wouldnt be around if we wasn't there to support them as they supported me in my time of need. So I have set myself this ultimate challenge to do this rally to travel over 3000 miles for 12 countries to raise as much money as I can and return to have these charities on go on a fantastic and amazing work they do to help people out there like I was.