I am writing to you to introduce myself, my name is Dudley Rae. I have set up an organisation called Viking Warriors, what we aim to do is to select a number of charities each year, then have a lot of fun raising money and awareness for them. 

Before I go any further I would like to tell you a little bit about myself and why I have decided to do this.  

 I am 32 years old I have a wife and 3 Beautiful children. I have worked all my life until a few years ago when I suffered not one, but two brain tumours. This caused me to lose complete eyesight in my left eye, and a significant loss in my right eye. I was told I only had a year to live, as I am sure you can imagine this news was absolutely devastating to me and my family. We received the help and support of a number of charities and other organisations, they gave me the strength and I managed to beat the odds. Through several different types of treatment i came out the other end, yes my life is now completely different because of my eyesight, if the support of these charities wasn't there I truly believe I would not have made it.

 So I have set up this organisation “VIKING WARRIORS” to help raise money for these and other charities because they are such good causes and people need them.

 I am asking you to join me in my exciting journey and help me raise money and awareness for these charities.

 2016 chosen charities are:

1.       Torbay Holiday Helpers Network. (Providing holidays for sick children and their families)

2.       The Royal Marines Association. (Providing direct support for our veterans)

3.       Think Amy – The Drive Safe for Life Education Programme.